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Supporting Children's Resilience

Supports Indigenous children to develop, repair and sustain healthy relationships with themselves, others and their communities. The program consists of a minimum of 20 sessions, held on an approximately weekly basis. This allows for a complete therapeutic process to take place, while accommodating natural breaks and holidays. By providing time for relationship-building and a sense of safety to grow, the process enables each child to learn in an unstructured way, exploring curiosity, creativity and expression at their own pace. The program is open to Indigenous children with Children’s Services involvement. Clients are referred by caseworkers.


This is a minimum of 20 sessions, held on a weekly basis.


There is no cost to attend this program.

Image by Brooke Cagle

“It is not the best of art or a fast made envelope of writing but thanks to Frank and Kyle the stars came out pretty nice. There is 6 stars that represent all staff because you guys are the real stars for taking your own time to help all of us. Thanks enjoyed it!! I enjoyed counselling, it was fun and it has kept me out of a lot of trouble. I had a pretty bad anger problem before and I did not like coming to stuff like this. This has really changed me some how. How because before I was really violent and got into a lot of trouble now I’m calm, and rarely in trouble. Thanks for taking your time to help our family's and our behavior problems. Stuff has even changed at home thanks to your guys."

— ADOLESCENT PARTICIPANT, Children's Circle Program

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