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This program has been helpful for me...

Female participant in our Circle of Safety Program

because I learned tools for being in a healthy relationship. Abuse was all I learned as a child and I want to avoid any kind of abuse in my relationships now. The teachings in the class were taught in a way that was easy to understand.

Male participant in our Circle of Safety Program

It was good to be with the other men in the program and to get their feedback and to learn from their experiences. When you have been abusive, you feel that you are all alone and you feel that you are bad, like an outcast and there is no way to release it. Seeing the other men in the program helped to relieve that animosity that I had towards myself. It made accepting help easier.  I also appreciated the cultural aspects of the program. I grew up Metis and I did not know much about the Native culture. The program helped to connect me with my culture and spirituality. Since being in the program, I have reconnected with the teachings of my grandfather and I learned that my culture/spirituality is the key to my healing.

Adolescent participant in our Children's Circle Program

It is not the best of art or a fast made envelope of writing but thanks to Frank and Kyle the stars comed out pretty nice. There is 6 stars that represent all staff because you guys are the real stars for taking your own time to help all of us. Thanks enjoyed it!! I enjoyed counselling, it was fun and it has kep’t me out of a lot of trouble. I had a pretty bad anger problem before and I did not like coming to stuff like this. This has really changed me some how. How because before I was really violent and got into a lot of trouble now I’m calm, and rarely in trouble. Thanks for taking your time to help our familys and our behavior problems. Stuff has even changed at home thanks to your guys.

Woman participant in our Early Intervention Counseling Program

First and foremost I work with the most wonderful human being...

someone who is gifted in such a way that she just knows the right things to say and do in a gentle kind way. That challenges my spirit my heart and the way I think about myself and life. This has given me more confidence to believe in my self to be able to handle day to day situations and resolve past trauma. I am alone in the world raising three children on my own and never have I felt really alone I have always had Sue to lean on and this has given me much courage and strength knowing that I have someone to trust and someone who believes in me. I have been working with Sue for approximately 15 years and always have felt very safe and welcomed by her and others in the office. I have also been working with a male worker from Aboriginal Counseling Services and this has been a very enlightening experience which has enhanced the confidence, courage and strength I already have from working with Sue.

Graduate of the Healing Anger Program

You wonderful ladies have been on my mind lately along with the rest of the group. I thought I would just check in and let you know I am doing well. You ladies were my first stepping stone to my healing journey. I would like to thank you for the teachings in your program. It has helped me in so many ways. My voice I didn't have before your program is now becoming louder and stronger. I grew courage and was able to let the negativity go in my life. In which I moved back home ... i never thought I would do. At first I was nervous and scared yet relieved. My mother helped me find a job with her at XXX healing and wellness which is a rehabilitation center. I am now helping others on their own healing journeys. I am so thankful for finding the program it helped me find my confidence and to believe in myself. I feel I am headed on the path I am supposed to be on. To reconnect with my lost culture and my lost traditions. To help others find their path on their healing journeys. So thank you once again.



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