Aboriginal Counseling Services of Alberta


Circle of Safety Program

This program provides support, education, and skill development to Aboriginal men, women, and children who have experienced family violence.

Please note: The Circle of Safety Family Violence program is running remotely during Covid 19. Intakes and Circle Teachings are done via telephone until it is safe to bring people back into the Circle.

Healing Anger for Aboriginal Women

This program is a trauma-informed, creative and innovative program that includes the cultural needs of Aboriginal women and acknowledges the ongoing impacts of colonization in contemporary society. It moves beyond a “traditional” anger management program by offering a historical and cultural perspective (a combination of Ceremony, talking circles and expressive arts) where Aboriginal women can learn more about the roots of their anger; and how to express anger in healthier ways. The objective is to promote personal growth by healing from past collective and individual hurts and trauma. It is a closed 12-week group that runs 3 times per year.

Please note: During Covid 19 and due to the interactive and therapeutic nature of the program we are unable to offer this program remotely. The team is in the process of developing a managing anger program for Indigenous women that can be accessed remotely. The start date for this new program will be put on the website when it is determined.

Creative Arts Therapies

Aboriginal Counseling Services is partnering with other agencies to offer Creative Arts Therapies for groups and individuals at Transition Place. Participants do not need experience with art.

Creative ArtSpace

This weekly program invites participants to slow down, create and express. The focus is on the process of making art rather than art instruction.

Art Therapy with individuals

Art therapy can support individuals to express experiences and feelings that may be difficult to talk about. It may help to reduce stress and anxiety, process and heal from challenging experiences, cope with pain, and enhance resilience.

13 Week Mental Wellness Screening program

Please be advised that due to Covid 19 the Mental Wellness program has been modified to address the necessity of working remotely with children and their caregivers. Due to the limitations of video and telephone support we will not be able to complete our full mental wellness screening at this time. However, the program will provide engagement, stabilization and supportive counseling to children and their caregivers on a remote basis until it is safe for everyone to return to the office and we can resume services at full capacity.

There are no costs associated with any of our programs!


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